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Welcome to Explore Donegal!

Welcome to Dún Na Ngall (Donegal) - “Fort of the foreigners” so named as this was one of the areas in which the many invading tribes of this land established one of their strongholds – now known as the town of DONEGAL.
This beautiful County boasts over 1000 kilometres of the well-named and exciting WILD ATLANTIC WAY, and is waiting to be explored by those who have not yet been to these shores, and to be enjoyed again by those returning to these shores. As “the coolest place on the Planet” (so crowned by the National Geographic in 2017), this Jewel has plenty to offer everyone – tourists and locals alike. And we here at Explore Donegal would love to share this place and the experiences it offers with you.
So come and see what we have on offer...

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Featured Tour

Ards Forest Park

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A peak into paradise!

Walk through our historical and natural beauties.


This tour is perfect for those interested in ecology and conservation.

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Featured Location


Doe Castle

Doe Castle, or Caisleán na dTuath, was the historical stronghold of Clan MacSweeney, with architectural parallels to the Scottish tower house. In 1932 the castle came into the hands of the Land Commission, and it 1934 was declared a national monument and was acquired by the Office of Public Works. The Towerhouse of the castle underwent a major restoration in the 1990s.

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